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Experience Life on a Sailboat

Come & Sail With Us

Feel the wind, sunshine and the splash of blue on your skin!

We simply love sailing. Our programs are designed to share our knowledge and experience with new dreamers. 

Join us on our boat for a 2 day sailing tour where you can learn how to sail while enjoying the amazing blues of Gokova and surrounding bays

Take a weekend off and jump aboard to get a glimpse of what it is like to be on a sailboat while you enjoy Gokova Blues on this 2 day tour

Your Experience Matters!

The Boat, The Captain and Destination are crucial for your Experience

Your Experience Matters!

Join us on our boat for a 7 day sailing tour where you can learn how to sail while enjoying the amazing blues of Gokova and surrounding bays

Contact Us so we can customize your tour duration, destination and have you experience Gokova Blues the way you like

Lapina is a 42 foot (13 meter) cruiser built by Jeanneau in 2007. She has 3 cabins and 2 heads and can comfortably sleep 6 guests + the captain. Because she is the captain's home for 6 months a year, she is well maintained and equipped with all the gadgets and little things beginners will most likely forget to bring along.

The Captain

Captain Gokce Ozturk left his profession of IT Sales in a multinational company to follow his dream of living on a sailboat and enjoying more time with his family. He's close to a native speaker in english and enjoys sharing his experience with his guests. His greatest passion in life is to share with you his boat and knowledge.

Gokova is Heaven for Sailors

Our boat Lapina is located in Karacasogut Marina which is a 30 minutes drive from Marmaris / Mugla / Turkey. You will be sailing in the Gulf of Gokova which shines with all its beauties between the peninsulas of Bodrum and Datca. Gokova is the indispensable route of the blue cruises and the final destination for most of the nature lovers.

Why Sail With Us?

You Know The Captain

You will be sailing with the owner of Lapina, not a random captain any charter will assign


Our tours can be customised to your needs. This includes the tour length, destination, food cooked onboard, your pickup and dropoff locations.

We are not a Charter Company

Lapina is our home, we are looking forward to sharing it with guests who are sharing our passion in nature and sailing.

Local Experience

We are spending 6 months a year in Gokova and have in depth local knowledge which is essential for your satisfaction

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